If you have been planning to make a larger purchase, here comes your chance: It’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday week again, the long-awaited annual kick-off of the Christmas shopping season, which promises some of the hottest bargains and biggest discounts of the year. Whether you are looking for a new TV, couch or Christmas gifts, this is the week where you’re going to get the best possible price on […]

Dreams, Visions

Hard to say what I‘m up to these days, but after returning home from Albania, I feel something like an upswing and joyfulness. It’s those moments like the ones pictured above – being out in the nature somewhere in the Balkans that make me realize how much this world holds for us, sometimes in places where we don’t expect it. The key is to go out and explore. Whether in […]

City Life Overload

How is city life treating you? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life in the urban jungle? Those times, when your mind is unable to keep up with the pace set by the “modern way of life”. And you feel distracted and confused by modern means of hyperstimulation. By people, by emotions, by clutter, by the things you have to do, by social media, by the million thoughts in your […]