If you have been planning to make a larger purchase, here comes your chance: It’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday week again, the long-awaited annual kick-off of the Christmas shopping season, which promises some of the hottest bargains and biggest discounts of the year.

Whether you are looking for a new TV, couch or Christmas gifts, this is the week where you’re going to get the best possible price on them. Some great news for price-conscious shoppers and everyone, who doesn’t want to leave his/her shopping until the last minute every year. Are you joining the shopping bonanza?

If you are wondering what I’m getting this year, the answer is simple: nothing.
That’s right, I’m not camping out on the sidewalk for days to buy the newest 4k drone, and also I’m not spending hours online to compare offers and prepare my shopping list, like many others do. I’m not wasting many thoughts on shopping these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go shopping from time to time. Being able to give myself something nice just feels great and I feel gifted that I can do so (in the moment I actually spend most of my money for travelling).

In the same time, my priorities have changed over the years – living simple and sustainable has become more important to me. Also reflecting about where I am and where I want to go in life. I think about peace and gratitude for what I already have. Do things make me happier? Maybe yes, if I like to have them around and can use them for long, like the fluffy blanket that I once brought from Barcelona or the pair of running shoes that I ran hundreds of kilometers in and is now falling to pieces.

Nonetheless, it’s also clear that piling up too many things unnecessarily complicates life and drains your energy. So I like to settle for less and appreciate more. While trying to get the best out of the things that I already have.

If I was to buy something on Black Friday, it would probably be a plant or a cozy sweater that I can wear the next 10+ years. What about you? I’m curious to know! Let me know in the comments below.

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