Dreams, Visions

Hard to say what I‘m up to these days, but after returning home from Albania, I feel something like an upswing and joyfulness. It’s those moments like the ones pictured above – being out in the nature somewhere in the Balkans that make me realize how much this world holds for us, sometimes in places where we don’t expect it. The key is to go out and explore.

Whether in Albania, or elsewhere in the world, I like to make memories my way – with my own sense of reality, and my own perception of places and situations. And I love to share them with the people I care for, like my girlfriend. To be together on the road and create our own world, day after day – this is really the best. Nearly remote, but in full control of our lives.

These memories give me so much energy for what is yet to come. I realize more and more that what I really want in life is to make different experiences. Travelwise, but also from a personal development perspective. I want to be able to grow from all kinds of experiences, like wandering through this world, seeing different places and cultures, living on the road, maybe settling down somewhere else in Europe, working in interesting jobs, doing something more meaningful, creating things with my hands, learning new languages. And I’m curious about how all these things will affect my life and personality.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” Ralph W. Emerson

I want to be able to follow my dreams and visions – with full dedication and with nothing else on my mind than the lust for life. It may mean that I need to leave everything behind at some point – work, home, my beloved Berlin – in order to find freedom with no boundaries. But life is too short and beautiful to make compromises and to spend it in the office for too long.

What do you think? Are you in a similar stage of life (Gen Y, wanderer, no ties)? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Dreams, Visions

  1. Du und genau diese Lust am Leben fehlen mir, du bist ein so toller Mensch und ich wünsche dir von Herzen dass du genau diesen Weg einschlägt, der dich frei sein lässt. Du bist kein Mensch für einen 9 to 5 Office Job, du musst du Welt sehen, Menschen und Kulturen kennenlernen und eben diesen zeigen, was es für tolle Menschen gibt und wie schön das Leben sein kann. Ich würde dich nur bitten, dass wir uns alle nochmal sehen vorher ☺️
    Allerliebste Grüße

    1. Wie sehr ich mich freue von dir zu hören. 🙂 Danke für diesen ganz besonderen Text! Ich glaube auch, dass ich das machen muss (solange es noch geht). Ich bin optimistisch, dass ich den Absprung schaffe, hat ja bei DeuWo auch irgendwie geklappt. ^^ Und du bekommst von überall Postkarten, versprochen!

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