City Life Overload

How is city life treating you?
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life in the urban jungle? Those times, when your mind is unable to keep up with the pace set by the “modern way of life”. And you feel distracted and confused by modern means of hyperstimulation. By people, by emotions, by clutter, by the things you have to do, by social media, by the million thoughts in your head.

If YES, read on.

Sensory overload

Maybe It’s a feeling we all share sooner or later.

In the city, we permanently cross paths with something worthy of notice. Like faces or opportunities. The images are crisp and vivid. We collect a million impressions just by walking the streets and there seem to be so many options of encounters, which we can take or leave unexploited. Simply put, we just need to choose, but have a million choices.

The city has no defined limits

As for me, in 5 years of living in Berlin, I haven’t yet found a way to process all the unordered stimuli and information of big city life. I react very sensitive to all kinds of impressions and vibrations. And I sense very strongly the presence of people, auras, atmospheres, movements, emotions, also noise.

I tend to soak them up effortlessly, like a sponge, while my mind carelessly wanders. I can’t help it, but to feel overloaded from time to time. By the sheer amount of impressions and perceptions that gather in my mind.

I feel busy just with processing new impressions and thoughts. And anything else that appears in my mind. I ask myself: Which thoughts, if any, make me feel not in line with myself? Do I read my own mind well enough and do I connect with my soul? It’s easy to lose yourself in a city that couldn’t care less about personal well-being.

Is there a solution after all?

I have found that for clarity of mind, I need to be alone with my thoughts for some time. The mind longs for peace and quietness and a chance to regroup. So what works best for me is to escape from hyperstimulation through some rituals of disconnection. It can be a simple walk in the park, a lunch break in the sun or some time alone at home. It makes me feel more grounded when I unplug, unwind and try to create myself, which can be easy in a city with no bounds.

How do you deal with sensory overload? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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