A Weekend By The Sea

Imagine it’s wednesday, you’re half-way through work week and suddenly find the strong desire to get out and free your mind on the weekend. You realize once again that it takes only a 3 hour drive from Berlin to the sea. You haven’t been to the sea and nature in a while. It would be the perfect place to calm down from big-city life. Weather forecast looks great, so you tell your girlfriend about it and start making plans: bus tickets/carpooling from Berlin to Rügen for 33€ p.p. roundtrip, camping for 16€ a day, some money for local busses and food. Wow, thats cheap for a weekend on the sea!

Change of plans

Then, 2 of your new friends decide to join the trip. Great! It’s so cool to go camping with friends! Hence, plans need to be changed a bit: bus tickets need to be changed for a rental car, campground reservations need to be redone. It will cost a bit more, but total price is still quite reasonable. All is well, until on the morning of the trip your 2 friends decide to back down and cancel the trip. You feel let down and annoyed, because you basically worked for nothing and it proved right that your friends are unreliable. Unfortunately, the trip now also got quite pricey. Would you still go or let the weekend slip away?

Our key learnings

Ok, those things happen. And when things go wrong, it’s good to have a plan B, we didn’t have one though, since it was too late to cancel anything. So we found ourselves with a car that we didn’t really need/want and a few hours lost of our weekend. Not the best prerequisites for an easy.going weekend, of course we went though. Our 2 key learnings from this experience are:
a) Don’t travel with people that are not reliable, it will cost you joy and some time and money.
b) Stick to your plans. When you have already created plans/facts, stick to them and make others accept them, when they want to join.

Top Rügen activities in a nutshell

1. Go camping on Campingplatz Drewoldke

We love the luxury side of travelling! Though every once in a while we also enjoy the simplicity of camping. In the North of Rügen we found a great caravan and camping site that lies directly by the sea. We liked the convenience of the place, it’s clean and well organized, has some shops, showers and restrooms on the property and you can set up your tent wherever you like. How about putting your tent on perfectly white beach sand only 50m away from the sea? Due to holiday season in Berlin it was a bit crowded in the end of August, but not too busy.


2. Visit Jasmund National Park

The Jasmund National Park between Sassnitz and Lohme is famous for its impressive beech forrest and its beautiful chalk coast. The highlight of the park certainly is its forested high shore trail along the chalk coast, which gets you to the famous rocks “Königstuhl” and “Große Stubbenkammer”. As the walk from Lohme/Sassnitz to Königsstuhl takes about 3 hours one-way, we decided to take the shuttle bus from the big parking lot in Hagen to Nationalpark Zentrum Königsstuhl. The bus shuttle takes you to the visitors center, which is accessible for an entrance fee. We didn’t enter, but walked to Viktoriasicht viewpoint instead and also found our way to go down to the beach. I highly recommend to descend to the beach, because it’s a great perspective from there and you find yourself almost alone on the beach. Mind that it can be dangerous there, because of recent landslides.



3. Enjoy the breeze at the terrace of Seebrücke Sellin

Seebrücke Sellin is a place that I actually wanted to see for a long time, ever since I saw it on photos. The architectonic beauty and elegance of the building is simply stunning. It has a long history of building and rebuilding and was mainly used as a restaurant and dancing bar. Today it is used as a restaurant and it also has a diving gondola, which is moored at the pier.


Let’s discuss!

What do you think?
Where do you travel this year? Do you have travel tips or advice on the subject of money?
Share your thoughts in the comments below.

One thought on “A Weekend By The Sea

  1. Hello from Russia!

    With pleasure we have read your “insights about travels and finances” – in particular, about Rügen and about Malaga.
    It is absolutely evident that the financier has written that: the thought is concisely and clearly formulated. We are sure, you make excellent business plans! We liked the conclusions about “unreliable new friends” – the classical life situation, which happened to everyone, and completely agree with the conclusions:

    a) never change your plans
    b) never travel with unreliable people – this will consume pleasure, time and money (the second is, perhaps, the cost of online-acquaintance when we are planning activity without really getting to know the person). Generally, You are well-thinking German, as Russians consider them, by the way, it’s one of our main myths about the German people (along with punctuality – although, as we know, among the Germans there are different guys too! – like your “new friends”, for example!).
    By the way, the question is: are you on a photo from the Rügen beach with a boomerang? (the stick is very similar).
    Now seriously. I myself really love Rügen and, I think, I can advise what else to look at the next visit.
    a) In Sassnitz, I do not remember exactly, or in the middle of the park itself, Yasmund there is the most interesting, museum of nature of Rügen, from my point of view. It is dedicated, in particular, to swamps, various aspects of the marsh life – how they have appeared, how they have been arranged, to their animal world and vegetation: we never have such museums in Russia at all.
    b) Rügen is the ancient capital of the Vendian, more over – the Native Land of Russes, to which, by the way, now, as far as I understand, You have now the most direct relationship, our “Buyan Island” from Russian fairy tales. As a person, keen on history, I can talk about this topic for a long time and a lot, but in order not to get bored, I shall be brief:
    The beautiful and magnificant place of Arkona is the ancient temple of Sventovite – “The Light God” of the old Russes.

    (Although police does not allow to climb the mountain where the temple situated – they say, everyone is tired of the Polish new pagans

    with their rituals and sacrifices: all the time trying to sacrifice a living rooster to the ancient Slavonic gods).

    Nearby, a few kilometers walk along the shore – the fishing village of Vitt, very picturesque,

    where the smoke-dried mackerel is smelling deliciously on the beach – I have not tasted anywhere better, perhaps.
    In the wall of the church in Altenkirchen, not far from Arkona, a sacred stone with the image of the ancient god Sventovit with a beard and a huge drinking horn is inserted – an impressive sight.


    c) In Sassnitz (slightly distorted our Russian word “pine”) right on the beach near the pier – a covered market is situated where they sell delicious home-made liqueurs on herbs in small bottles
    Also, in my opinion, interesting is “the continental gate” of Rügen – the city of Stralsund. There I remember:
    a) A traditional pub in the center of the Old City, on Neuer Markt, in my opinion: if you ask the station where to get the best beer in the city – taxi drivers will tell you exactly; very good local beer, only draft (on the label – sailing ship), bottle – so-so. 
    b) Jewelry shop adjoining outside the remnants of the wall of the Old City: there they make and sell copies of things from the Hiddensee treasure – the Viking’s treasure thrown by the sea to the banks of Rügen: very beautiful pieces, if not to buy, then – to look.

    I hope this information will be useful to travelers. Return to Rügen with reliable friends!!

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