Trippie Hippie – Top 5 Activities in Nerja

This sweet place happens to be one my fav spots in 2017 … Nerja, Andalusia! Check out my top 5 activities in Nerja now!

Our thoughts about mini holidays

My girlfriend and I love to take frequent short breaks and get away for a few days. As a Berlin 9 to 5’er with a 50-hour week, it’s good to break through everyday routine every once in a while and create some fresh views. So we’ve been embracing weekend-getaways for a while now. We try to travel at least once every second month, so at the end of the year we are good with having been to 6-8 new places. Also, we try not to spend a fortune, which is quite easy these days. We feel that with a base in Europe, it’s not necessary to travel far. There are many unique places around here that will literally blow your mind. For us these places would be most of all the ones with a lot of sun, white sandy beaches, blue sky, crystal clear water, untouched nature and animals.

A trip to Nerja is excellent value for money

When we found a great deal to spend a long weekend in Malaga, we were positive that the place will meet most of our criteria. I found Ryanair flights from Berlin SXF to Malaga for 53€ p.p. roundtrip and a SUV rental car for as low as 7€ a day. I will write more about the topic of travel finance at a later point, but when we found out about these prices, booking was a no-brainer. If you want to explore the Malaga region, I recommend to get a rental car. It gives you the flexibility you need (maybe even spend a night out in the wild). And prices are just insane! We decided to spend most of our weekend in Nerja, because the region is great for outdoor activities.

Here are our top 5 actvities in Nerja

1. Hike up to Pico del Cielo

What really amazes me about Nerja is it’s privileged position between the two most beautiful elements of nature: mountains and ocean. Right on Nerja’s boundaries lies the Parque Natural de las Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama, a large and rugged mountainous region. It stretches across the provincial border of Granada and Malaga and has its highest peak with “La Maroma” at 2,066m. The park provides some spectacular hiking and will give you very unique views of the surrounding area. I suggest you to take the route from Cuevas de Nerja to El Cielo mountain (1,5068m). Since El Cielo is only about six kilometres away from the coastline, it’s also a popular spot for locals. On a clear day you can overlook the ocean up to the Moroccan coastline. The park is easily accessible from Nerja, you will find free parking at the end of Calle Ctra. a la Cueva. The hike from there to the top of El Cielo takes about 4,5 hours.


2. Spend a day with hippies

Did you know that Andalusia and especially the area between Almeria and Malaga is a hot spot for hippies and exiles? With Orgiva and San Pedro there are two rather big communities in the area and you also see a lot of hippies in Nerja. I have a certain sympathy for these people and their bohemian lifestyle. We met some young, really relaxed people from Britain and Germany and spend a day at their campsite talking about life, work, society and finding new ways to life itself. We had the feeling that a lot of people are passing through Nerja for a couple of days on their way to festival season in Portugal. If you are in Nerja on a Sunday make sure to visit the flea market at the Urbanization Almijara II. You will find a lot of bargains and interesting people there.


3. Check out El Acueducto del Aguila

About 4km east of Nerja, close to Cuevas de Nerja, you will find the impressive Acueducto del Aguila (Eagle Aqueduct), a nineteenth century bridge that covers the canyon of Barronco de la Coladilla. The structure of the aqueduct is made of four stories of brick tiers, which are characterized by u-shaped arches. We loved this beautiful piece of architecture and found it’s a great scenery for taking pictures.


4. Walk down the jungle path to Cala Barranco de Maro

Right at the Acueducto del Aguila in the midst of Barronco de la Coladilla canyon there is a small path which leads right into the Andalusian jungle. That’s right, jungle! You will find yourself walking through an unexpectedly cool, lush green world full of blooming gardens and colorfull flowerbeds. Leading past banana and avocado trees, bamboo and reed plants the trail ends at Cala Barranco de Maro, a very beautiful and uncrowded pebble beach. Be sure that walking this path will create a very memorable travel experience.


5. Spend a day on the beach

If you are looking for a break and some rest, a day on the beach might just be around the corner. There are several great beaches around Nerja. Our favorite ones are Playa de Maro and Playa de Burriana. Both beaches have really clear water and are not overcrowded. And especially Playa de Maro offers a great experience of nature with some excellent small alcoves to explore along the coast. Book a canoe tour, go snorkeling or just enjoy a great day on the Mediterranean Sea.


So far so good, guys! I hope this gives you some inspiration for your trip to Malaga/Nerja. We will be returning there next year as we still have many things to check off our bucket list.

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  1. Hello, we are a belgian couple and we plan to move to the costa tropical, buy a house and we are looking a place there which has a hippie feeling (ecolo, artists, nature, boheme,..). So you know the most interesting place, village, town… Thanks a lot ! A&L

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